You don’t need rocket science,
You just need a hunch.

Time and money tool

Roughly Right is an agency tool for getting control over time and money. With simplicity and a nice design, this tool delivers a sustainable platform for your company to grow on.

You don’t need x-ray vision,
You just need a quick look.

Remove faulty Excels

Roughly Right removes your ad-hoc, sometimes faulty Excels with a light weight, internet based tool, with built-in functionality for handling project revenue and costs, time-reporting, resource planning and more.

You don’t need ingenious maths,
You just need a ballpark figure.

Monitor in real time

A visual dashboard gives the project- and company management a shared and complete picture of how the company is doing right this minute. You don't need to wait until next months finance meeting to stay in control.

Join our revolution

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