Creating employees

In order to view the co-workers page of Roughly Right and add new employees you must be logged in as an admin user. From the Co-workers page, click the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new employee. Enter their name and a valid email address, and press “create employee”. This will not send an invitation email right away, but the email field must be filled to create the employee.

At this point, the employee is created and their time can begin to be planned. You can also begin configuring other employee profile settings. Guilds are groupings of different roles, such as Project Management or Design. Plannable hours is the percent availability, based on the normal number of hours for the company in Basics. This affects the available hours in the Planning page. Lastly the access level defaults to Co-worker, meaning the employee will only have access to planning and time. Project lead has access to everything except Basics and the Employee tab, and admin has access to everything.

When the employee is set up correctly, the final step is to press the “Send invitation” button at the bottom of the employee page. This will send an email to the employee’s email address inviting them to create their password and begin using Roughly Right.

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