Quick tips for the New Year

As we ring in the New Year, make sure Roughly Right is ready for any changes coming.

  1. Make sure every employee’s availability hours are updated.
    ⁠Go to Co-workers > Enrollment per month and update the percentage availability for 2023.

  2. Make sure the calendar is updated for 2023.
    ⁠Go to Basics > Calendar and mark off the year’s holidays.

  3. Set your monthly income target for the New Year.
    ⁠Go to Basics > Budget and adjust the revenue and profit margin.

  4. In order to get the list of projects more manageable, close out any finished business. You can simply click on the Project to get to its Overview, and turn the switch to “The Project is finished”.
    ⁠Add new projects for your upcoming projects next year, and put the income in the correct month.
    ⁠If projects are not 100% approved, you can add a level of uncertainty under “overview”.

  5. Make sure everything is looking “Roughly Right” in Roughly Now.
    ⁠Tip: In Roughly Now, the Explore button under Results opens up a wider and customizable date range for the results chart.

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