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Analytics for team performance

Roughly Right is an innovative and holistic approach to taking control of time tracking and money management for agencies, without the usual, detail overkill, boring-to-tears systems.

With simplicity in design and usability, Roughly Right creates visibility and engagement for the financial side of projects while not getting in the way of creativity.

Why wait until next months meeting to find out how your company is performing this month.
Wouldn’t you want the facts now?
Then you’ve come to the right place. Roughly Right gives you a comprehensive overview of how your team is doing, every minute.

The Roughly Right approach is about visualising how your agency is doing right now. Next month is too late if you want to take actions while there still is time.

Bye bye Excel - hello Roughly Right!

We realized that spreadsheets were not the answer to how to control an agency or its projects, so we created Roughly Right to get the right perspective of revenues, costs, forecasts, time reporting, resource planning, invoicing (and a lot more) all in the same tool.

Get rid of spreadsheets - get Roughly Right!


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