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Creating a new project has changed for the better. When you press the plus button to create a new project, you can now add all the important project information, such as start and end date, project manager, reference number and more right away. 

Once the new project is created this information stays accessible at the top of the project home no matter what tab you are working in. The new project home tabs are Estimate, Right now, Invoicing and Control.

Create your first project in the new project home


The Estimate tab is where you begin working out the project’s finances. Simply start filling in what you know about the project and Roughly Right will help make some rough calculations about the project profitability.

If you start with a quote in the Budget box, Roughly Right will use the overall hourly rate you provided in Basics for the agency and calculate the number of hours the project can use at that rate. The pie chart will represent the entire budget, and the employee costs segment of the chart will be calculated using the hourly employee cost rate from Basics.

When you head to the Estimated activities box and start plugging in hours, the Profitability box will adjust and calculate the effective hourly rate for the project based on the activities’ hourly rates. Activities will still be imported automatically from Basics or the client, and can then be changed without affecting any other project.

If there are going to be any expenses for the project, use the final box to add them into the project budget. If you have estimated activity hours the effective hourly rate will change automatically. If you have only input a total budget, instead the estimated number of hours will be reduced to maintain the hourly rate from Basics.

A new feature with expenses is the ability to add a surcharge/markup percentage. You can either enter a percentage markup, or enter a final price manually. This is used to further invoice the expense to the client, and is finalized in Right now before being added to an invoice.

Right now

Once you have made the budget estimate and started planning hours (watch this space for updates to the Planning page), you can monitor the current status of the project in the Right now tab. The profitability dashboard takes into account the reported hours and the planned hours remaining to show hours worked on the project and effective hourly rate so far.

A useful feature that is new in this version is the ability to simulate different outcomes for the rest of the project. The sliders at the bottom of the Estimate at completion dashboard allow you to create hypothetical scenarios for the project outcome, such as going over budget in hours or expenses.

To get the most out of the Right now tab it is important to have finished planning the project. If the last few weeks of the project’s work have not been planned in the Planning app, the number of hours used to calculate effective hourly rate and profitability will be different than the Estimate tab.

Expenses on the Right now page will be included from the Estimate page. You will also have boxes for the final cost of the expense and the final price to be charged to the customer. If you do not enter a final cost or price, Roughly Right uses the values from the earlier estimation.

New to the project home in Right now is the Allocate box. This allows you to allocate the income from the projects during the months which “deserve” it, based on the workload. Expenses can also be allocated here. By default, Roughly Right guesses that the expenses are to be allocated the same months as the income, in the same proportion. You can override this however simply by entering your preferred value.

Re-invoicing expenses

Our Fortnox customers now have the ability to match leverantörfakturor/supplier invoices received in Fortnox to expenses in Roughly Right. First make sure the Roughly Right project is synced into Fortnox. You can verify this by clicking on the Fortnox button at the top of the project’s home page.

When you receive a supplier invoice into Fortnox, just make sure that the correct project is selected when you book the invoice. Once the verifikation/voucher is created and the integration has had one night to sync, the invoice will be available in the project expenses in Roughly Right. 

The expense will be under the heading "Ej kopplade kostnader från Fortnox". You can then either create the expense or select an existing expense by opening the "Koppla kostnad" dropdown menu.

If the invoice in Fortnox included an attachment such as a PDF of the invoice, the attachment will also be available in Roughly Right.

Adding people to projects’ estimated activities

Planning by activity has been implemented in the new project home via a new column in the Estimated activities section. The new column, Employee, has a dropdown menu for each activity. Clicking on the dropdown opens a list of employees. You can select one or multiple employees. Once an employee has been assigned an activity for the project, a planning row is created automatically for them to begin adding hours smoothly.

For an ongoing project which already has some employee planning, you can go straight to planning and add an activity to the planning rows. This will automatically link the employee to the column in estimated activities back in the project home.

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