This is what Roughly Right is about

Roughly Right was created to meet the needs of agencies, and to lessen the gap between the operations and finance teams.

Through shining a light and clarifying the crucial insights and processes, Roughly Right creates an understanding with a wider audience. Profitability is created through teamwork.

Roughly Right also creates a proactive flow through combining insights of the past with a forecast of the future.

Read on for a quick list of the most important features.

Roughly Right is like a financial crystal ball

It all starts with projects

  • Add your budget, check your profitability
  • Follow up on hours and external costs as the project progresses.
  • Keep track of the forecast.
  • Distribute your project budgets over time.
  • Easily check against planning and worked hours to decide your monthly allocation.


Forecast and revenue plan

  • See which clients and projects are truly profitable and which are not.
  • Get the right persepctive on clients and for the whole agency.
  • KPIs at a glance. Last month, current month and the next.

Time tracking

Smooth time tracking

  • Easy and flexible time tracking.
  • Team members can confirm hours based on the planning, or adjust according to what really happened.
  • Track internal time and absence.


Planning of projects and time

  • Assign your project budget to individual team members and plan when they spend time.
  • See client hours per individual and across teams.
  • See hours spent and adjust planning accordingly.


Integrate with Fortnox

  • Sync clients and projects
  • Keep track of project expenses
  • Invoice and follow up


Easy invoicing

  • Create invoices based on fixed price, hours or purchases.
  • Check against income allocation and budget.


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