A quick temperature reading of the whole agency

⁠We realised that forecasts and results are often handled by separate processes and systems. If you want to affect the outcome, you need to be able to act in time. By bringing these two worlds tighter together, it reduces admin and helps you get a quicker and more accurate picture of what to expect in the future.

We also realised that invoicing gets mixed up with what revenue actually was accured. Did we have an extremely productive month this month, or did we just send a large invoice? Roughly Right helps you sort out what's what.

  • One revenue plan, both forecast and result
  • Clarify how a project budget is distributed over time
  • Distinguish between invoicing and 'deserved' revenue
  • See how hours rendered compare to forecast


How does Roughly Right work?

Connect the dots and get the right perspective on revenues, forecast, time tracking, resource planning, invoicing and a lot more.

Quick and easy forecasting
Quick and easy forcast

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