Invoicing that feels good

We know that special feeling when all the invoices are sent. We wouldn’t want to change that. But the road to that feeling could be so much easier.

Roughly Rights invoicing feature is created as a quick and easy-to-use. You don’t have to be an expert in finance, that stuff are handled elsewhere.

Roughly Right helps you to remember all the necessary client information, allow you to make different exceptions, tweak the invoice the way you want - quick and easy.

  • Create an invoice plan
  • Invoice fixed fee, hourly rate or expenses
  • Import hours, group activities and skip unnecessary information
  • Change contact details as you go along
  • Easily preview PDF


How does Roughly Right work?

Connect the dots and get the right perspective on revenues, forecast, time tracking, resource planning, invoicing and a lot more.

Quick and easy forecasting
Quick and easy forcast

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