How much should we be charging?

To get a deeper understanding on how profitable a project is, keeping track of time is one aspect. Costs are another. In Roughly Right we keep our eyes on profitability, not only how much time is spent in relation to the budget.

We also want to visualise the connection between budget, resource planning and outcome. In addition, you can customise how you want to break down a project into activities so you are able to better analyze how time is spent.

  • Clarify the margin in each projects based on costs
  • Compare outcome against budget
  • Divide the project into activities and track these
  • Compare budget, planning and tracked time
  • Keep track of invoicing
  • Keep track of purchases


How does Roughly Right work?

Connect the dots and get the right perspective on revenues, forecast, time tracking, resource planning, invoicing and a lot more.

Quick and easy forecasting
Quick and easy forcast

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