Roughly Rights Terms and Conditions


Information about Roughly Right

These general terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all services that Roughly Right AB ( 556912-2871) ("Roughly Right", "we", "our" or "us") provide our customers ("you").

Roughly Right develops and sells an online-based service for financial control.

Contact information

You can contact us by using one of the contact details below ("Contact Information"):
Phone number: +46 709 42 20 94**
Email Address**: info @

Acceptance of the terms

By registering an Account and using the Service, you agree The terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, you will not be able to create an Account The terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, you will not be able to create an Account and use the Service.


"Subscription Period" is defined under section "Contract Period and Termination "below.

"Features" refers to the Website, your Account and the Service together.

"Website" refers to our website concerning The service.

"Account" refers to the account that you register and create via the Website .

"Contact information" refers to the information specified in the introductory section above.

"Privacy Policy" refers to our privacy policy which describes how we treat personal data.

"The Service" refers to the services described in the section The "Service " below and made available through the Website, together with associated products, equipment, services and information that we provides to you.

"Third Party Applications" refers to online web based applications and offline software products or services provided by a) third parties, b) cooperate with us, and c) may be either separate or integrated with us and whether such are specified by us as third-party applications or not.


Description of the service

We provide an online-based service for financial control ("The Service"). More information about the Service is available on the Website.

Create an account

To access the Service, you need to register and create one Account. It is not allowed to transfer the Account to others and you get only register one (1) Account. Once an Account has been created, and payment of any advance payments has been made, is the Service available and ready to use or ordered in accordance with the instructions on the Website.

Ordering the service

The service is ordered in accordance with the instructions on the Website.

Your order has been confirmed when we sent an order confirmation via E-mail. Once an order confirmation has been sent, you have entered into an agreement with U.S.

Delivery of the service

During the ordering process, we will notify you when and where we are will provide the Service to you, including any products and digital materials connected to it.



We offer the Service to companies and other legal entities. You hereby certify that you have the authority to enter into these Terms and that use all Functions on behalf of the legal entity.

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between us linked to The service. You certify that persons (eg employees and representatives) who creates Accounts and uses the Service has read and understood the Terms. You are always responsible for all use of the Service in accordance with these Terms.

Use of the features

When using the Features, you must always follow the rules legislation, ordinances and government regulations. Above all, sheep you do not use the Website in any way other than through the interfaces provided provided by us and expressly permitted under the Terms. You may not use the Features in any way that is contrary to our, or any third party, rights or legitimate interests. You undertakes to follow all instructions and recommendations as you from time to time receive from us.

You agree to be responsible for all activities that take place on your account. Login information to your Account must always be stored securely and it is forbidden to share information about your Account with anyone Third Party. If you suspect that your Account or your login information is used by a third party, please contact us immediately through the Contact Information.

You also agree not to:

  • Defame, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate third parties or our legal rights;

Publish, or otherwise express, material or information that is inappropriate, defamatory, offensive, obscene, pornographic, racist, terrorist, politically incorrect, improper or illegal;

  • Contribute to destruction through activities such as the spread of viruses, spam or other activity that could harm us, Website on something way;

  • Monitor the availability, performance or functionality of the Service for any competing purpose, e.g. that you agree not to gain access to the Service in order to develop a competitor product or service or copy the features of the Service or user interface; or

  • Conduct resale or in any way share results as generated on the Website or use the Service to create one competing service or product.

We may temporarily restrict access to the Features for to:

Fix technical issues or make minor technical updates; or

Update changes to the Features to comply with changes in applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

If we need to restrict access to the Services, we will contact you you in advance. However, this does not apply to problems that are urgent or in an emergency.

If you provide incorrect, incorrect or out of date or incomplete information when you create your Account, we have the right to, when it is applicable, reject or change your order as well as to close down your Account. This applies even if you do not follow these Terms (e.g. if you do not pay for the Service on time) or other mandatory rules. Should such an event occur, we will contact you and request that you cease to violate these Terms.

Own content

The website contains features for uploading and storing files and other information that you provide or create ("Content"). You are responsible for all distribution and others actions performed by you and on your Account.

By uploading Content to the Website, you certify that you a) have necessary rights to the uploaded Content or b) have permission to use the Content in such a way that the Content or your use of the Content does not contravene applicable law. We will not check if the Content has been uploaded or distributed through the Website in a manner consistent with law.

By posting Content on the Website, you are aware of, depending on your account settings, that such Content may be available for Other. We are not responsible for the loss of any Content and we recommends that you always create a backup. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the Content you have posted or created.


Price information

Payment for the use of the Service is made periodically in advance or in arrears. Each payment covers all or part of one Subscription period during which you have access to the Service.

You must pay all applicable fees in the manner described Website for the Service you have selected. The prices for the Service are stated on The website and includes specified delivery costs, VAT or other fees and taxes. The price for the Service is what is stated on the order page when you place your order.

We have the right to change the prices for the Service. If we change prices we will notify you in advance. The changed prices begin apply from the first day of the next Subscription Period that follows date when prices changed. By continuing to use the Service after the price change takes effect, you are bound by the new prices. You have the right to terminate your subscription at any time and then come continue to have access to the Service for the remainder of your ongoing business Subscription period. If you have been offered the Service for a certain period and a certain price, the price will apply for the agreed time.

If you have registered for a test period of the Service, you will have access to all or part of the Service (as described on the Website) in its entirety free of charge during the test period.

Payment details

You can pay for the Service in the ways set out below.

We offer payment options in collaboration with through:

  • Invoice

For payment, the third party supplier's terms () apply. You can stay asked to identify you and a credit report may be requested by the third party supplier. We do not have access to payment information or stores such information in cases where a third party provider used for payment.

We may invoice you for the Service in advance or in arrears, with it frequency agreed for the agreed period. You agree that we send electronic invoices to the e-mail address you provided through your Account. You are obliged to keep all payment details correct and updated.

We have the right to perform a credit check when needed to be able to offer you a credit.

You undertake to pay within the specified time for that payment method as you selected. We have the right to close your Account until you have settled your unpaid expenses. A late payment may result late fees and interest.


Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, you are not entitled to refund, to return a subscription or value checks for something partially used subscription, value checks for an unused Account or value checks due to you being dissatisfied with the Service and / or The features.


Contract time

The terms of the Service apply from the time you create an Account and continues to apply during the subscription period ("Subscription Period"). A subscription period is twelve (12) months.

At the end of each Subscription Period, your subscription will be renewed automatically by twelve (12) months. Your subscription will not renew if you cancel it in writing no later than 1 month days before it last day of your current Subscription Period.


You can cancel the Service by emailing info @ or by contacting us via our Contact Information.

At the end of the contract period, your access to the Service will be revoked immediately. We will also delete or anonymize all personal information about you, except for such information as we owe to retain by law.

Service that is still ongoing at the time of termination shall be completed in accordance with these Terms. Obligations arising from infringement of these Terms shall continue to apply even after termination.

Early termination

We reserve the right to terminate the agreement with you if you:

Violates or otherwise violates these Terms or others regulations established by us; or

  • Uses the Website or the Service in any way that does not conforms to intended purposes or is otherwise harmful for us or third person.

Test period

You may register to use the Service during a trial period. During the test period, you have access to all or part of the Service (as described on the Website). If you want to continue using the Service after the test period, you must notify us of this no later than the end of test period.


The customer has informed Roughly Right how many licenses they intend to use the coming year. Fees for licenses are according to current price lists for Roughly published online or otherwise made available by Roughly Right. These prices are stated without VAT.


The customer can appoint a person who can call, text or email Roughly Right AB for questions about the use of Roughly Right or to report any errors in the form of "bugs". Answers are given within 24 hours and action by for customer business-critical "bugs" begin within two days.

For support or training in addition to the above (such as training, lecture, etc.) will be charged a cost of SEK 1000 / hour, with the exception of "onboarding process".



Our liability is limited as follows:

  • we are not liable to you, whether it is an agreement, damage (including negligence), breach of statutory obligation or in otherwise, for loss of profit, indirect damage or consequential damage such as arises during or in connection with an agreement between us; and

  • our total responsibility to you for all other losses that arise during or in connection with an agreement between us, whether applicable contract, damage (including negligence), violation of statutory obligation or otherwise, shall be limited to one year license fees SEK. We are not responsible if you use the Service during a test period or otherwise free of charge.


We are only responsible for damages that are notified in writing no later than three (3) months after you discover or should have discovered the damage, however no later than six (6) months from the time the injury occurred.

Errors and delays beyond our control (force majeure)

We are not responsible for delays and errors beyond our control. About our suppliers end up in delay due to an event outside ours control, we will notify you of this as soon as possible and take steps to minimize the damage caused by the delay. If we have met we are not responsible for errors and delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk that a material error or delay may occur you contact us to terminate the agreement and get a refund for it part of the Service that you have paid for but not received.


During the term of the agreement and in the period thereafter, the parties undertake not to disclose any third party information about these Terms or anyone other information that the parties have received as a result these Terms, whether in writing or orally and regardless form ("Confidential Information").

The parties agree that Confidential Information may only be used to fulfill the obligations under these Terms and not for anything other purpose. The receiving party also agrees to observe and receive their board members, employees, subcontractors or others intermediaries to observe the same degree of caution (but not less than reasonable care) to avoid disclosure or use of Confidential Information.

This privacy statement does not apply to Confidential Information that is generally known (other than by violation of these Terms or anyone other confidentiality).

Each party undertakes to ensure that all information disclosed or disclosed under this section, as far as possible, shall be handled in a safe way by the recipient. This confidentiality agreement applies to three (3) years after the termination of these Terms.


We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time. We're coming to notify you by e-mail of such changes that are not insignificant and which will affect you. You are responsible for staying informed of any changes to the Terms. The latest version of The terms will be available on the Website. Changes by The terms come into force on the first working day following the day before publication.

All new features and all new content added to the Service, The website is covered by what is stated in the Terms.


If you have any complaints, please contact our support through our Contact information.


You are responsible for the personal data for which we process your account in connection with your use of the Service. How we get process the personal data in the role of Personal Data Assistant the personal data assistant agreement (appendix) and which you enter into by accept these Terms.

More information about how we process personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.


Our rights

The Website is owned and operated by Roughly Right. All copyrights, trademarks, trade names, logos and other intellectual or industrial property rights held or used by us and those included in our Features (including titles, graphics, icons, scripts, source codes, etc.) are our own, or another licensor's, property and sheep not be reproduced, distributed, sold, used, modified, copied, limited or used (in whole or in part) without our written consent.


Roughly Right grants you a non-exclusive right and license to use The Website and the Service for the purpose of providing the Website and The service to you. Upon termination of this agreement, this also terminates right and license.

Respect for our property

You may not, for any purpose, manipulate, attempt to gain unauthorized access to, change, hack, repair or otherwise adjust any of ours materials, hardware, source codes or information.

Respect for our intellectual property rights

You agree to the Service and other information, including all associated intellectual property rights, which are provided and made available by us constitutes our exclusive property. You do not get anything use our exclusive property for any commercial purpose or for other purpose without our written consent.


Swedish law shall apply to these Terms.

Disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall finally decided by a general court.


Roughly Right AB is registered in Sweden.

Registered address: St Pauslgatan 16 c/o A Pack of Strays, 118 46 Stockholm
Organization number: 556912-2871
VAT registration number: SE556912-287101


This personal data assistant agreement with appendices ("Agreement") has entered into between:

Personal data manager
You ("Personal Data Officer"); and

Personal Data Assistant
Roughly Right, org. No. 556912-2871 ("Personal Data Assistant")

Together "Parties" and individually a "Part".


The agreement refers to the Personal Data that is Processed in the light of Roughly General Terms and Conditions of Rights ("Terms"), from which it follows that the Personal Data Assistant processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller.

In the event of any conflict, this Agreement shall prevail over The terms.

The agreement contains the following annexes:

  • Annex 1 - Existing and approved assistants

  • Annex 2 - Technical and organizational security measures

  • Appendix 3 - Contact details


The terms used in the Agreement shall have the same meaning as specified in Article 4 of the Data Protection Regulation.

"Processing" of personal data is all that can be done with one personal data, e.g. storage, modification, reading, handover, etc.

"Applicable law" refers to the law applicable to it processing of personal data that takes place under the Agreement, including The Data Protection Regulation, supplementary national legislation, and practices, guidelines and recommendations issued by a Supervisory authority.

"Personal information" is all kinds of information that can be derived to an identifiable living person (in the Agreement is used "Personal data " synonymous with "personal data for which The person responsible for personal data is responsible and as the Personal Data Assistant processes on behalf of the Data Controller ").

"Personal data manager" is the company / organization that decides for what purposes and in what way the personal data is to be processed and thus also responsible for personal data being processed in accordance with Applicable Right.

"Personal Data Assistant" is the company / organization that processes personal data on behalf of the personal data controller and thus receives only process the personal data according to the personal data controller instructions and Applicable law.

"Registered" means the living person whose personal data treated.

"Supervisory authority" means Swedish or EU authority, such as the Swedish Privacy Protection Authority and, where applicable, another supervisory authority supervising by law Activities of personal data controllers.

Terms defined in the Terms shall have the same meaning in this Agreement.


  1. The agreement regulates the processing of personal data such as The Personal Data Assistant performs for the Personal Data Officer Bill.

  2. The agreement has been drawn up to meet the requirements set out in Article 28 (3) of Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such information and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC ("Data Protection Regulation"). According to this provision shall there is a written agreement about the Personal Data Assistant processing of personal data for Personal Data Managers Bill.


  1. Categories of registered
    The person responsible for personal data instructs the personal data assistant to process data that identifies the Data Controller:

    • Employees

    • Customers


    • Users

    • Consult

  2. Categories of personal data

    • Contact information

    • Still and / or moving images

    • All categories of personal data like it The person responsible for personal data chooses to enter the Service.

    • Salary information for employees

  3. Source
    The personal data assistant processes the personal data as:

    • Employees of personal data controllers enter the Service

    • Personal data controllers collect from the registered

  4. The purpose of the processing of personal data ("Purpose ")

    Enable the Data Controller to gain control over their finances through our service

  5. The processing of personal data

    • Storage

    • Processing


  1. The personal data assistant undertakes that in connection with all processing observe and observe the principles for the processing of personal data as set out in Article 5 of the Data Protection Regulation.

  2. The Personal Data Assistant guarantees through the Agreement that it The person responsible for personal data does not need to insure in any other way that the Personal Data Assistant meets the requirements for expertise, reliability and resources to implement technical and organizational measures required by applicable law.

  3. The personal data assistant undertakes to process only personal data as provided in the Agreement, for the purposes as stated in the Terms, according to the Data Controller documented instructions and at all times Applicable law.

  4. The Personal Data Assistant shall, at the request of the Data Controller, through appropriate technical and organizational measures, assist Personal data controllers in their obligation to respond to requests on the exercise of data subjects' rights and, having regard to type of treatment and available information, implement impact assessments regarding data protection and prior consultation with supervisory authority in accordance with applicable law.

  5. If the Personal Data Assistant violates applicable law by independently determine the purposes and means of processing (eg Processes personal data for others purpose than the Purpose), the Personal Data Assistant shall be deemed to be personal data controller for the new processing without it affects the treatment that takes place in accordance with the Agreement in general.

  6. If the Personal Data Assistant considers that the instructions as Personal data controllers have provided are incomplete, incomplete or incorrect, the Personal Data Assistant must notify immediately Personal data manager. The personal data assistant also has the right to refrain from following the Personal Data Assistant's instructions about them contravenes applicable law.


  1. The person responsible for personal data determines the purpose and means for the processing of personal data. Personal data controllers have ownership and formal control over personal data such as processed by the Personal Data Assistant.

  2. The person responsible for personal data is responsible in relation to it registered for the processing of personal data.

  3. The person responsible for personal data is responsible for ensuring that the personal data is real and updated.


  1. In the event that a situation arises that leads to unintentional or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration or unauthorized use disclosure of or unauthorized access to personal data ("Personal Data Incident") shall the Personal Data Assistant without unnecessary delay and no later than eight (8) hours from that The personal data incident was discovered to inform in writing Personal data controller on the contact information that appears from Appendix 3.

  2. The information shall, insofar as it is available to The personal data assistant, at least contain the following:

    a. A description of the circumstances surrounding The personal data incident

    b. A description of the nature of the Personal Data Incident, and, if so is possible, the categories of and the approximate number data subjects concerned and the categories of and that approximate number of personal data affected

    c. A description of the likely consequences of The personal data incident

    d. a description of the measures taken or proposed to remedy the Personal Data Incident, and, where appropriate, measures to reduce its potential negative effects

    e. Contact details for data protection agents or others contact person who can provide more information to Personal data controller

  3. If it is not possible for the Personal Data Assistant to provide the information at one time, may the information is provided in batches without unnecessary further delay.


  1. The Personal Data Assistant shall, at the request of the Personal Data Controller give him access to all the information needed to view that the Personal Data Assistant's obligations under Applicable law and the Agreement has been fulfilled.

  2. If the information according to the previous paragraph can not reasonably be considered sufficient to demonstrate that the obligations laid down according to Applicable law are fulfilled, has Personal Data Controller right to perform physical examinations.

  3. The personal data assistant shall enable and contribute to audits and inspections carried out by Personal data controller or appointed by the personal data controller impartial third party. The person responsible for personal data must in writing notify the Personal Data Assistant of the planned review at least ten (10) working days in advance.

  4. The audit may only be performed:

    • during normal office hours,

    • after the Data Controller has ensured that it who performs the audit is subject to a confidentiality agreement which is appropriate in relation to the personal data and the information to be reviewed; and

    in accordance with the Personal Data Assistant's internal policies and safety procedures.

  5. Each party bears its own costs incurred in in connection with review.

  6. Additional review will be added within one (1) year of completion review, the Person responsible for personal data shall be responsible for all costs.


  1. In cases where the Personal Data Assistant plans to hire one assistant or replace an existing assistant shall The personal data assistant informs the personal data controller at the latest five (5) working days before for the Personal Data Controller to have opportunity to oppose the change.

  2. If there are reasonable reasons for the Data Controller to contradict an assistant, the parties shall in the first instance work together to find a suitable alternative, in the second place has the right to terminate this Agreement and (if applicable) Terms.

  3. When hiring a sub-assistant, the Personal Data Assistant shall by agreement ("Deputy Assistant Agreement") ensure that the assistant has the same obligations as the Personal Data Assistant has according to the Agreement. This is especially true with regard to adequate guarantees to implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures required to comply with Applicable Right.

  4. The person responsible for personal data always has the right to take part The personal data assistant's assistant assistant agreement (strictly commercial information may be edited).

  5. The personal data assistant shall keep an updated list of their assistants. The list shall be made available to Personal data controller on request.

  6. If the assistant does not fulfill his obligations under Under the Assistant Agreement, the Personal Data Assistant shall be full responsible to the Personal Data Officer for the assistant action or failure to take action.


  1. The personal data assistant undertakes to keep a written register over the processing of personal data with the content specified in Article 30 (2) of the Data Protection Regulation. The register must be available to the Personal Data Controller on request.

  2. In the event that the treatment or the nature of the activity requires that The personal data assistant shall appoint a Data Protection Officer in accordance with Article 37 of the Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Officer shall: contact details can be found in Appendix 3.


  1. The personal data assistant shall inform without delay Personal data controller of all contact with the Registered, supervisory authority or other third party concerned The personal data assistant's processing of the personal data.

  2. In the case where the data subject submits a request to The personal data assistant about his rights linked to processing, the Personal Data Assistant shall refer the Registered Person to the Personal Data Controller.

  3. The personal data assistant shall allow the inspections that supervisory authority may require under applicable law.

  4. The personal data assistant does not have the right to represent Personal data controller or otherwise act for Account of the data controller vis-à-vis the Registered, supervisory authority or other third party.


The personal data assistant shall take appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect personal data such as covered by the Agreement against unauthorized or illegal access. This includes ensuring adequate capacity, technical solutions, skills, financial and human resources, routines and methods.

Appropriateness of technical and organizational security measures shall be assessed in the light of recent developments; implementation costs and the nature, scope, treatment, context and purpose and what risk the treatment entails the fundamental freedoms and rights.

  1. If the Data Controller assesses the risk level of the processing as high, and thus conducts an impact assessment, shall Personal data controllers share the results of the impact assessment with the Personal Data Assistant so that this can be taken into account at determining what constitutes appropriate security measures.

  2. The personal data assistant shall follow any decisions and consultation opinions issued by the supervisory authority on measures for to meet the security requirements in applicable law and all others requirements relating to the Personal Data Assistant in accordance with applicable law.

  3. The personal data assistant shall ensure that employees (at The personal data assistant or his subcontractors) only gain access to personal data to the extent that it is necessary and that those who have access to the personal data has undertaken to maintain the confidentiality of such information (e.g. by signing an individual confidentiality agreement).

  4. Only persons employed / hired as consultants at The personal data assistant and who is deemed to have the necessary level of knowledge in relation to the nature of the processing of personal data and scope may process personal data.

  5. Computer equipment, storage media and other equipment used in the processing of personal data performed by The personal data assistant must be kept so that unauthorized persons cannot obtain access to them.

  6. The security in the Personal Data Assistant's premises where personal data treated must be suitable and secure with regard to locking equipment, functioning alarm equipment, protection against fire, water and burglary, protection against power outages and power outages. The equipment that used to process personal data must have good protection against theft and events that may damage the equipment and / or personal data.


The Personal Data Assistant shall ensure that the Personal Data does not unintentionally or illegally destroyed, altered or distorted. The data must be protected against unauthorized access during storage, transfer and other treatment. The personal data may only be provided Personal data controller after secure identification of the recipient.


The personal data assistant primarily processes the personal data within EU / EES. In cases where personal data are not processed within the EU / EEA, The personal data assistant ensure that the processing is legal according to Applicable law in that one of the following requirements is met:

There is a decision from the European Commission that the country ensures adequate level of protection

  1. The Personal Data Assistant shall apply to the European Commission standard contractual clauses for third country transfers,

  2. The personal data assistant has taken other appropriate protection measures which complies with applicable law.


  1. A party is free from liability for obligations under the Agreement in those cases performance is hindered by a circumstance of an extraordinary nature outside Party's control which Party could not reasonably be expected have taken into account and whose consequences the Party could not reasonably have either have avoided or overcome.

  2. The personal data assistant is responsible for direct damages that arise as a result of the Personal Data Assistant's processing personal data in violation of the Personal Data Controller's instructions in accordance with the Agreement and Applicable Law.

  3. The Personal Data Assistant shall replace the Personal Data Officer direct damage, with a maximum of one year license fees. SEK. The compensation shall not be paid if the claim is related to treatment approved or performed under Personal data controller's instructions.

  4. The personal data assistant is not responsible for Personal data controller's costs for agents.

  5. The personal data assistant's liability shall not cover indirect damages or consequential damages such as lost revenue or profits, contracts, customers or business opportunities, loss of goodwill, or expected savings.


  1. The personal data assistant may not use information or anything else materials to which he is given access within the framework of the Agreement or the Terms for any purpose other than to fulfill the obligations under this Agreement or the Terms.

  2. The personal data assistant may not be given to a third party or to another unauthorized, disclose or disclose information about the treatment of personal data or the content of personal data, which is covered of this Agreement or other information such as The personal data assistant has been given access as a result Agreement. This does not apply to information such as the Personal Data Assistant is obliged to disclose by law. The confidentiality obligation is valid from the date on which both Parties sign the Agreement and indefinitely thereafter. The personal data assistant shall ensure that the confidentiality obligation applies to all employees and other persons working for or on behalf of The personal data assistant and who has the authority to process personal data.


  1. The agreement is valid for the time the Personal Data Assistant processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller or until the Agreement is replaced by another personal data assistant agreement.

  2. The personal data assistant's obligations under the Agreement shall continue to apply, regardless of whether the Agreement has been terminated or otherwise ceased to apply, as long as the Personal Data Assistant processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller.


Upon termination of the Agreement, the Personal Data Assistant and any assistants either delete or return them personal data covered by the Agreement.


  1. Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement.

  2. The dispute settlement mechanism set out in the Terms and Conditions shall apply also on this Agreement.


  • Name: Postmark
    Type of service: Postmark is used to send automated e-mails, eg when registering.
    Information processed: E-mail
    Security measures: The sub-processor has taken other appropriate safeguards prior to the transfer and that such safeguards comply with applicable data protection legislation

  • Name: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Type of service: AWS is used as an operating provider.
    Data processed: All data entered by the data controller.
    Security measures: The data is processed within the EU / EEA

  • **Name:**Google (GSuite)
    Type of service: We use Google G-suite as our email provider.
    Information processed: E-mail, name, information that arises via communication.
    Security measures: The sub-processor has signed up to the EU Commission's standard contract clauses (SCCs) for data transfer to non-EU/EEA countries

  • Name: Scrive
    Type of service: Contract signing
    Information processed: Email, name
    Security measures: The data is processed within the EU / EEA

  • Name: Pipedrive
    Type of service: We use Pipedrive to organize communication with potential and current customers
    Information processed:E-mail, name, information that arises via communication.
    Security measures: The data is processed within the EU / EEA

  • Name: Datadog
    Type of service: Technical logs of the app
    Information processed: E-mail, user ID, name
    Security measures: The data is processed within the EU / EEA

  • Name: Google Analytics
    Type of service: Website and app traffic analytics 
    Information processed: IP address, OS, browser, geographic location
    Security measures: The sub-processor has signed up to the EU Commission's standard contract clauses (SCCs) for data transfer to non-EU/EEA countries

  • Name: Satismeter
    Type of service: Customer feedback surveys
    Information processed: User ID, geographic location, OS
    Security measures: The data is processed within the EU / EEA

  • Name: Digital Ocean
    Type of service: Cloud based services
    Information processed: All data entered by the data controller.
    Security measures: The data is processed within the EU / EEA


The personal data assistant has taken the following technical and organizational measures to ensure that personal data treated safely and that they are protected from loss, abuse and unauthorized or unauthorized access.

Technical safety measuresare measures that are implemented through technical solutions.

  • Secure network

  • VPC

  • Firewall

  • Backup

  • Regular security check

Organizational security measuresare measures that are implemented in working methods and routines within the organization.

  • Login and password management

  • Physical security (premises, etc.)


Contact information
Email address:

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