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Invoice rows and order numbers

June 2 2023

Invoices can now have rows in the free text section without any price or total values. Previously, all rows would populate 0,00 in the price column even if the price was left blank in Roughly Right. Now, as long as the price in Roughly Right stays blank, the invoice will populate with out any text for price or total. The row description can be left blank or filled in.

Additionally, invoices can now be configured with an order number. This is used in Fortnox by some agencies as a field for the clients' reference number. The order number can be added in Roughly Right under the reference section.

E-invoices, invoice attachments and more

May 26 2023

Fortnox users can now send e-invoices directly from Roughly Right. When you have created and written a new invoice, simply click send and select send via e-invoice from the dropdown menu.

An additional feature for Fortnox users is adding attachments to invoices. Once an invoice has been sent, the attachment button will then become available from the invoice's page in Roughly Right.

The icon for each employee can now have a custom color applied. From the co-workers page of Roughly Right, just click on the employee's name and scroll down to the color selector.

You can now get an overview of how much time has been reported for a project in the planning section. For any project in the planning section, click the information icon to pop up a graph showing Budget, Planned, and Reported hours, and a second graph showing Budgeted and Reported hours by activity.

Planning pipe shortcut and project details fixes

April 3 2023

It just got easier to plan a co-workers time for multiple weeks at once. We've simplified the shortcut to extend a planned number of hours down the pipe. Simply hove your cursor over the right side of a planning pipe, until you activate a little grey box. Click and drag to the right to extend the same number of hours per week down the planning pipe.

This shortcut existed before but required the user to hold the alt or option key. You can still use the alt or option key to plan a different number of hours by holding the key and clicking on the last week in the planning pipe you want. Then, when you enter the number of hours, the same number is planned for every week earlier until the last week already planned. See more in the Planning help section.

Additionally, the project properties have been updated. You can now assign a client manager to a client, and this will cause all new projects for that client to have the client manager as the project lead. Additionally, the project comment text box now has a much higher character limit of 20000 characters.

Removing employees

March 24 2023

To avoid any mishaps, employees can no longer be removed if they have any time planned, reported, or if they have any enrollment. The employees can still be inactivated at any time, but if the employee does need to be removed forever you can contact us at help@roughlyright.com.

Quick tips for the New Year

December 19 2022

As we ring in the New Year, make sure Roughly Right is ready for any changes coming.

  1. Make sure every employee’s availability hours are updated.
    ⁠Go to Co-workers > Enrollment per month and update the percentage availability for 2023.

  2. Make sure the calendar is updated for 2023.
    ⁠Go to Basics > Calendar and mark off the year’s holidays.

  3. Set your monthly income target for the New Year.
    ⁠Go to Basics > Budget and adjust the revenue and profit margin.

  4. In order to get the list of projects more manageable, close out any finished business. You can simply click on the Project to get to its Overview, and turn the switch to “The Project is finished”.
    ⁠Add new projects for your upcoming projects next year, and put the income in the correct month.
    ⁠If projects are not 100% approved, you can add a level of uncertainty under “overview”.

  5. Make sure everything is looking “Roughly Right” in Roughly Now.
    ⁠Tip: In Roughly Now, the Explore button under Results opens up a wider and customizable date range for the results chart.

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