Creating your income plan

It’s important to start forming a rough idea of how much income your team will earn over the next year so you can make other plans, such as staffing or sales. The easiest place to start is by taking a look at what you brought in from each client in the past year. Go to Time is Money > Client insights, filter the dates to January - December and take a look at the agency fee for the past year.

Once you have last year’s numbers, you can choose how you want to plan revenue for the next year from the Projects page. For each client, consider if you have specific projects planned or if you just have a general goal of revenue from the client.

Create either specific projects for the next year, or just create a single dummy project called “Goal Revenue”. Set the quote based on last year’s agency fee from the client, and consider setting the probability to 50% to show that this is not finalized revenue. Then distribute the income throughout the months. If it’s a specific project, allocate the quote based on how much work will get done for each month on the project. If it’s more of a goal revenue, split it evenly every month like a retainer.

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