Creating employees

In order to view the co-workers page of Roughly Right and add new employees you must be logged in as an admin user. From the Co-workers page, click the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new employee. Enter their name and a valid email address, and press “create employee”. This will not send an invitation email right away, but the email field must be filled to create the employee.

At this point, the employee is created and their time can begin to be planned. You can also begin configuring other employee profile settings. Guilds are groupings of different roles, such as Project Management or Design. Plannable hours is the percent availability, based on the normal number of hours for the company in Basics. This affects the available hours in the Planning page. Lastly the access level defaults to Co-worker, meaning the employee will only have access to planning and time. Project lead has access to everything except Basics and the Employee tab, and admin has access to everything.

What do different access levels see?

Roughly Right has three access levels for your users. Co-worker has access to planning and time reporting.

Project lead has access to everything except Basics and the Employee tab. Admin has access to everything.

Screenshot showing access roles

How do I invite a new employee?

Once you have added a new employee and configured their profile, you can invite them to set up a password and log in to Roughly Right. Click on the employee from the employee list to open their profile. Then, scroll down to the bottom and press the "Send Invitation" button. This will genarate an email to the employee with a link to create their password and log in to Roughly Right.

Screenshot of invite employee button

How do I remove employees?

At the bottom of an employee profile, there is a red button to remove the employee. However, this can only be done if the employee does not have any enrollment, planned time, nor reported time. This is to avoid any issues with accidental deletion. Newly created employees can still be removed using this button.

Next to the remove button there is an "Active" toggle which can be toggled off if an employee should no longer show as active and plannable. If an employee absolutely needs to be removed from the system, however, please reach out to us at help@roughlyright.com.

Screenshot of employee deactivation button

How do I change enrollment?

Enrollment controls how many hours per week an employee is available for. It is entered as a percentage of the company-wide Hours per day that is entered in Basics. Thus, for a company with an 8 hour day, 75% enrollment equates to 6 hours per day.

The Enrollment page is a table with a row for each co-worker and a column for every month within the filtered months, set in the top right corner. Directly to the left of the employee name, there is also a column for "Change all". Entering a percentage here will change all of the months at once.

Additionally, employees have an additional row for each group they are added to. This allows you to split their availability between different groups.

The bottom rows are for calculating payroll costs. The estimated employee cost is based on the enrollment for each employee, the working days in the month, and the employee cost in Basics. Actual employee cost can be entered at the end of the month once you know the exact figure.

The estimated or actual payroll costs are then used in Roughly Now. Additionally, the number of hours is used in the time tracking section to calculate how many hours an employee still needs to account for.

Keep in mind that the change-all tool only applies the enrollment for the visible months. Thus, you likely will need to update enrollment at the turn of the new year. Read more tips for keeping your team up to date in the new year here.

Screenshot of employee enrollment page

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