Invoicing with Fortnox

Invoicing in Roughly Right is powered by Fortnox. All changes in Roughly Right are automatically pushed to the invoice in Fortnox. Do everything in Roughly Right up to and including sending the invoice.

Creating an invoice

When it is time to invoice a client for a project, go to the invoicing tab of that project’s page.

To start working on a new invoice, click on “Create draft”. At the top you can select from different currencies and languages. The default language and currency can be set for each client.

Note that you can only invoice in multiple currencies; you cannot have multiple currencies for different projects.

Invoice details at the top

Free text rows

You can use Free text rows to write specific costs for the invoice. Fill in the description and price.

Alternatively, the price can be left empty so only the text row shows on the invoice.

Invoice free text rows


Expenses can be imported using the dropdown menu. The price for the expense is set in the project itself. Read more about project expenses here.


You can invoice employee hours directly by importing directly from the project. Click “Import hours” to filter a date range of time reports to be invoiced. Once the time reports are imported, you can choose how the time will appear on the invoice, such as grouped by activity or date, and which fields are included. 

Invoice expenses
Invoice hours
Invoice hours grouped

Invoice details

The reference, project name, and comment can be used to help format the invoice. Order number is a field that is available in Fortnox and can be used for the client’s reference number, as an example.

The Invoice Details are added automatically from Basics and the client profile. Terms of payment can be configured in Basics, where you can import from Fortnox. The client invoicing details can be preset in the client profile, where you can also import the information from Fortnox.

Invoice details at the bottom

Exporting to Fortnox

At the bottom of the invoice page you can click “Export to Fortnox” to create the invoice in Fortnox. Any changes you make in Roughly Right will be made in Fortnox as well. 

To finalise the invoice, uncheck the “Not Completed” box. This will allow you to send the invoice.

Exporting invoice to Fortnox

Sending the invoice 

When clicking “send” you will have an option to send through e-mail, e-invoice or download a PDF. 

Sending with e-mail 

The e-mail option will open a pop up where you can write an e-mail to the client, using prefilled templates that are managed in Fortnox.

The client's e-mail address can be found on the client profile. From the invoice, scroll up and click on the client’s name to open their profile and make any changes.

Sending options

Sending with e-invoice 

In order to send an e-invoice the client needs to be configured in Fortnox for e-invoices. Read more on Fortnox’s website.


For the clients that need a paper invoice or if you prefer to send it though your own e-mail you can choose Print. This will download a PDF that can be e-mailed as an attachment or printed and sent in paper form.

Cancelling and crediting invoices 

If an invoice has not been booked but is no longer correct, use the Cancel Invoice button. This does not delete the invoice, and the invoice number will not be reused, but the invoice will be canceled in Roughly Right and in Fortnox.

Once an invoice has been booked, it can no longer be cancelled. Instead, a credit invoice can be created with the Credit invoice button that only appears after an invoice has been booked. The original invoice will then be marked as credited.

Cancelled invoice
Credited invoice

Copying invoices 

If you need to make a copy of an invoice you now can. You will find the button at the bottom of the invoice. 

You can cannot copy an invoice that includes hours or purchases unless it has been cancelled or credited first. 

Copy button

Invoice status


Invoices in Roughly Right can be one of four different states. The first state is a draft invoice. Draft invoices are only in Roughly Right, and not in Fortnox.

Draft invoice

Exported to Fortnox  

The next state is triggered by exporting the invoice to Fortnox with the button at the bottom of the invoice page. Once exported, the invoice will show in Roughly Right as Invoiced and it will have a number from Fortnox, but any changes can still be made.

Export invoice


When any of the options have been selected, the invoice will be marked as sent. This will happen even if the invoice is sent though Fortnox.

Sent invoice

In Fortnox, the invoice will be marked as sent, but not booked. Your accountant will book the invoice in Fortnox, and when the client pays the invoice, the Paid checkbox will sync automatically from Fortnox

Paid invoice

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